GLICC - Online Courses

GLICC’s online courses tutors have extensive experiences of study aboard/ returnee’s university admission examination. We provide tailor-made courses for each student. 

The key success factor of e-Learning in Education is “never give up”. To keep it up, people who always stand by you and assist you to reach your goal is important. In GLICC, we have head teacher for each course who will in charge and design the curriculum.

Learning online by using our system, parents not only can check their kids ‘learning progress but also their projects or presentation summary, etc.

In GLICC, we believe the tailor-made courses is the most suitable, effective and efficient for our students.

If you have network connection in your home, then you can experience GLICC’s teaching style!

Online tutors Introduction


Miss Hana has the TESOL qualifications from the university in Australia. Her major in university is EAP(English for Academic Purposes). She has extensive experiences in teaching high school and university students.


Mr, Mac Paul has the TESOL qualifications from the university in the UK. He’s been teaching high school students the whole time. Currently, he is teaching in the university in Japan.


Miss Takagi is our TOEFL and returnee’s university admission examination advisor. She studied in oversea’s International school (IB). She has scored 100 of IBT TOEFL when she was in High school. And she is studying in Waseda University now.

TESOL・・・ Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 外国人に英語を教えるための専門コース