Language Arts: Fiction Classics & Poetry

Think Creatively and Improve Comprehension Through English Literature 

Understanding and interpreting English Literature is a difficult skill and one many students struggle with. Our Fiction Classics course will allow students the opportunity to openly discuss pieces of literature and poetry, in order to dissect and interpret them. Students will learn to hone their questioning skills, English comprehension, and creative thinking, as they dive into the nuances and wonders of classic literature.
"Secretly, I open
an invisible book in my mind,
and I step
through its magical door-shape
into a universe
of dangerous villains
and breathtaking heroes."
Have you ever felt like this? Uncovering the joys of literature can mean not only discovering new worlds, but also discovering new meaning in your life and studies.Together in a low-pressure setting, let's find ways to understand and experience the magic of language.

Course: Language Arts: Fiction Classics & Poetry
Schedule: Thursdays online from 19:00 - 20:00
Class size: Maximum five students
Fees: Four 60 minute lessons per month: 24,000yen
Non-members are required to pay a first-time online membership enrollment fee of 15,000 yen (12,000 yen if enrolled by the end of January 2021).