IB Japanese Online Course

Experienced IB Japanese instructors provide full support for two years through "online interactive tutoring".

IB Japanese : Literature Self-taught Support

In IB Japanese, to have the ability to express your thoughts about literature is vital for oral presentations and written assignments. In order to develop this ability, at GLICC we use Skype to teach the “interactive tutorial”. Even in areas, such as the UAE, where there are restrictions with the use of online sources, such as Skype, it is possible to have interactive online guidance using other means of communication.

  • 2 Year Support Course
    • You will receive support for every aspect of IB Japanese, from school mock exam preparation to grading and final examination practice, and of course a selection of works of literature.
    • Course schedule (individual guidance by Skype and email)
      • Stage 1 (first half of G11) … book selection → analysis of the reading and writing of 3 works of Areas of exploration.
      • Stage 2 (second half of G11) … analysis of the time and space of 3 works of Areas of exploration.
      • Stage 3 (first half of G12) … analysis of the intertextuality of 3 works of Areas of exploration.
      • Stage 4 (second half of G12) … practise of the final examination of Paper 1 and Paper 2.
    • Essential support for returnee students taking university exams and applying to universities abroad.
  • Final examination Paper 1 practice
    • 3 months prior to the final examination, past paper questions will be completed online, twice a month.

IB Japanese : Language and Literature HL / SL Support

Please contact us if you are interested in revision practice for school mock and final examinations. We will provide support alongside the guidance you are receiving at your international school.


We have experience using more than 60 works of literature to offer guidance to students in the past(click here for the list). It is possible to receive support for works of literature not included in this list so please do not hesitate to contact us.


We allocate an individual lesson slot using the schedule reservation system. The interactive lessons will take place through Skype in that time slot. Individual tasks are assigned for each topic and please submit your work before the next lesson. An interactive discussion will take place based on the work that you have submitted.
 To date, we have taught IB Japanese to 50 students, including students from other institutions that specialize in teaching returnee students. Many students achieve a final grade of 7. In order to achieve a final grade of 7, it is important that students have their own analytical perspective. For this reason, the lessons provided by GLICC are interactive to ensure students develop their philosophical evaluation skills.
No, as long as the microphone and sound are working, it isn’t necessary to have the webcam turned on.

第2回~第4回支払い  各期とも78,000円  (半年分)


 1年間サポート(全2回のお支払い)    第1回支払い 126,000円(入会金+半年分)

   第2回支払い 113,400円(半年分)





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