Returnee- Course for University entrance exam

We offer both traditional classes and online classes to ensure our students can learn during their free time. Contact us if you want to know about the course fee and schedule

  1. Personal statement and interview advice
    • Instructs students to write Personal statements depends on the University and faculty.
    • Teach in Japanese or English
  2. Essay course (Traditional classes and online classes)
    • From April to June and Tsukuba University Autumn Essay Course 
    • From July to August - Basic course, essay for Liberal arts or essay for Science
    • From August to September-Base on basic course, students can choose their courses depends on the university.(Waseda University common essay B、Keio University essay for each faculties、Sophia University essay for each faculties、Department of Law、Department of economics、Department of Business、Department ofLiberal arts)
  3. Examination strategies(Select the compulsory subjects)
    • TOEFL・IELTS・SAT、English / Japanese translation
    • Modern articles・Classic articles(For students who want to study Japanese/Liberal arts)
    • Mathematics (Mathematics  1A・Mathematics 2B・Mathematics 3)
    • Science(Physics・ Chemistry・ Biology・ 3 of 1 )

GLICC 帰国枠大学入試対策コーススケジュール オンライン&スクーリング

Course Fee

  • Start from the first week of July to the third week of September, for students who want to go to Waseda University and Sophia University (Liberal arts)- 12 weeks in total.

Entrance fee 20000 Yen (Included Personal statement and interview advice)

Compulsory Essay 96000 Yen (Liberal arts + Law ・ Society Science Essay ・12 weeks in total)

Waseda University's Essay 24000 Yen (6 weeks cover 12 topics)

Sophia University's Essay 16000 Yen(4 weeks cover 8 topics)

  • For Japanese local senior high school students (Grade 12)- Sophie University and International Christian University (Liberal arts), start from the 4th week of July to the 3rd week of September.  ( 9 weeks in total)

Entrance fee 20000 Yen (Included Personal statement and interview advice)

Compulsory Essay 72000 Yen (Law ・ Society Science Essay ・9 weeks in total)

Sophia University・ICU Essay 36000 Yen(9 weeks cover 18 topics)