English Philosophy Online

Philosophy in English: Discussion & Critical Thinking 

High English proficiency means nothing without the ability to question, think critically, and communicate ideas and concepts in detail with those around you. 

GLICC's English Philosophy course will help you acquire the ability to discuss in groups, as well as to convey your thoughts in your writing. It is also ideal in helping students prepare for difficult entrance exams.

This course was created by Alex Dutson and James Hill; the authors of "Thinking Experiments." 

Dr. Dutson and Dr. James introduced philosophy classes to the returnee course at Kaetsu Ariake and the College of Engineering; changing the teaching standard for returnees. While TOK (Theory of Knowledge) is a limited program for IB students in High School, our English Philosophy course can be taken by students in any grade level. 

The teaching methods that help students develop their critical thinking is something that is being adopted in a variety of schools, and is a style that will be attracting more attention from returnees. Here is what one student (who passed Shibuya Makuhari) had to say about English Philosophy

English Philosophy this term will be split into two levels, Standard and Advanced.

Course: English Philosophy Online
Schedule: Every Sunday 19:00 - 20:00 JST (Standard Level) and 20:15 - 21:15 (Advanced Level)
Class size: Maximum five students
Fees: Four 60 minute lessons per month: 24,000yen

Non-members are required to pay a first-time online membership enrollment fee of 15,000 yen (12,000 yen if enrolled by the end of January 2021).



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